SCVNGR: What Is It and How Do We Market It?

20 Sep

What is it?

SCVNGR is a social traffic platform that encourages participants to actively involve themselves in the businesses they visit. The SCVNGR application can be played wherever a participant goes and the more active a player becomes the more reward he or she can earn. Rewards are based on a point system and can be broken down into several levels of rewards and promotions. SCVNGR helps businesses on both a national and local level to create a strong customer loyalty through its use of different challenges and treks

How do we market the game?

We want to market to the game to people who have smart phones ie: droids and iphones, ect and still have enough free time to participate in the game and build up a loyalty to the local businesses and the game. Using the SMART objectives, I have created my goal for marketing SCVNGR in Morgantown.

To increase the amount of SCVNGR users between the ages of 18-30 by  at least 50% at Morgantown local business with a budget of $0 by December of 2011.

In order to make this objective happen, I need to start by signing up local businesses to the SCVNGR program. Remembering the key selling point such as it is absolutely free and it will increase customer loyalty and create a new customer group. Once I have signed on at least ten businesses, I will create promotions tailored to the specific needs and wants to each business for attracting new customers. Once the promotions are finished, I will use advertisements as a tool of my public relations plan to market SCVNGR to my desired player. I will also use the trek aspect of SCVNGR to create a event to help publicize both the local businesses and SCVNGR. I plan to use different social media tools such a Facebook and Twitter to let my client and players stay updated on the most recent SCVNGR news and promotion and treks happening in this area.


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